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jmc is a new media player project with the simple goal of being the best tool for organizing and listening to music on macOS, period.


jmc wants to bring power, flexibility and elegance back to macOS media management, and rescue macOS from iTunes.

jmc is also a completely open-source project.

Table of Contents

  1. Features
  2. Roadmap
  3. Download


jmc aims to be a simple, elegant and powerful application for managing media on macOS. It is modeled after early versions of iTunes, reintroducing a persistent album art view and providing a functional user interface. The entire interface is geared toward intuitiveness, efficiency, and performance, particularly for large music libraries.


The powerful advanced search filter offers the ability to explore your library and create smart playlists, all without leaving the library view.

Shared Libraries

jmc implements shared libraries the way you’ve always wanted them.

jmc can connect to other nearby instances of itself, displaying their libraries in the source list. Macs running jmc can connect to each other using either infrastructure or peer-to-peer Wi-Fi (clients in close physical proximity on different networks). You can either stream music from a shared library, or drag and drop.


Soon, jmc will be able to run in a persistent server-only mode, allowing you to access your music from anywhere.


The current build of jmc is a pared-down, minimal music organizer and player. For jmc to compete with features in state-of-the-art media managers on other platforms like auto-tagging and custom fields, more work is yet to be done.

Future versions of jmc will likely integrate with beets, to provide auto-tagging and album artwork fetching, support for multiple pieces of album artwork, custom fields for tracks, and more. To integrate with beets, jmc will migrate away from its current persistence framework (Core Data) in favor of SQLite.

jmc also wants to support a persistent background server mode of operation, to allow users to remotely connect to their libraries from beyond the local area network.

Other features that need implementation on jmc right now also include, in descending order of triviality:



First, please consider supporting development by feeding me with your money.

The code for jmc is available on GitHub. The latest stable binary can be found in the releases tab.

Future versions of jmc will likely be distributed through the App Store, to simplify the process of versioning and distribution.

If you are interested in helping to create a better future for macOS media management, drop me a line and come get involved!